Our Holistic Housecalls Services

Benefits of this program over traditional programs:

- Less toxic, less invasive medical solutions
- Addresses chronic problems and problems without traditional answers
-Reduction or elimination of medications
- Avoid surgery or provide superior results/post-op healing
- Prevent the onset of predictable conditions
- A greater sense of well being
- Longevity and improved quality of life throughout the lifespan
- Improved function in every area of health
- Enhanced performance/stamina at the gym, workplace, or at home
- The easiest, most convenient way to take care of your health
- NO more excuses or delays in getting your health needs met
- Physician spends extended time with patients, listens carefully

List of Services offered:

- Medical nutritional evaluation
- Follow-up office visits by physician
- Creation of daily program of supplements
- Bio-identical hormone evaluation and
  replacement therapy ( estrogen, testosterone,
  DHEA, pregnenolone, growth hormone)

- Optimization of thyroid and adrenal function
- Supervision of diet (including the HCG diet)
- Blood drawing (Blood is drawn for traditional labs as well
  as innovative testing specifically offered by holistic
Intravenous therapy for:
- Immune enhancement
- Energy/endurance enhancement
- Cancer support
- Heavy metal detoxification
- Elimination of colds and flu
- Chelation for atherosclerosis

Injections for:
- Allergies
- L-Carnitine
- B Complex/B 12
- Iron
- Magnesium
Test kits: Box kits are provided for testing urine, saliva, and stool. Tests are shipped from home. Tests include:
- Heavy metals levels
- Food sensitivity
- Neurotransmitters
- Bowel “ecology”
- Parasites
- Adrenal function
- Iodine adequacy
- Chiropractic adjustments
- Massage therapy
- Acupuncture (New York only)
- Homeopathic phone consultations


For more information about Dr. Leder, her office practices, and her unique natural approach to medicine, please click here to go to our main website. To schedule an appointment for your housecall visit, please call us at 201 525- 1155 or click here for additional contact information.


Top 7 reasons to take advantage of Holistic Housecalls MD program


1. It is the very easiest, most convenient way to enjoy a full hour session with North Jersey’s premier Integrative physician, Dr. Robin Ellen Leder

2. Comfort, privacy, and no down time in waiting room or in traffic

3. Have multiple people in the home or workplace who all need to be properly evaluated

4. Don’t drive

5. Too ill or too much pain or discomfort to get into a physician’s office

6. Need to be at home to monitor children, or a sick or elderly relative

7. Too busy to take time to visit an physician’s office.