Frequently Asked Questions

1) What makes these house calls different from other doctors’ home visits?
Most house calls are geared to address acute medical problems. The purpose of Dr. Leder’s visits is to evaluate the overall health of any patient, no matter their level of health, and create a comprehensive, test-based protocol geared to raise health to a higher level. Our goal is improved well-being, improved quality of life, and increased longevity .

2) Are the visits covered by insurance, or can they be submitted?
If you have out-of-network insurance coverage visits will be reimbursed in the same manner as an office visit would be covered (i.e., all applicable deductibles would apply). HMO patients will not be not reimbursed, as Dr. Leder does not participate in any networks.

3) Can subsequent visits be done by telephone?
In some cases, telephone follow-up may be possible. In the event of any physical problem that requires monitoring by the doctor, acute illness, or any pain syndrome, an in-person visit would be required.

4) Who does the actual visit?
Visits are performed by the practitioner who offers the specific service. The physician does medical work-ups; blood drawing, IVs and injections are done by our medical technicians, etc. For a full list and information about our practitioners Click Here.

5) Can more than one person be seen at a time?
Absolutely. It is easy for any practitioner to see several family members or work-colleagues in the same visit. In this way, an entire family or group of employees can receive this comprehensive and proactive evaluation, and achieve an elevated level of good health.

6) What is the cost basis of the visits, how are fees determined?
Visits are billed based on the service performed and the length of the visit. A travel surcharge is added based on the distance of the site from our home base in Hackensack, NJ.

7) Can visits be done at a place of business or a place other than the home?
Yes, one of the best ways to increase employee productivity and improve their physical and mental well-being is to put the whole office group onto a strong nutritionally-based health program. No other intervention offers such a sure-fire, effective return on investment to employer as investing in great employee health. Less absence, greater productivity, greater confidence and greater clarity of thought are some of the many benefits that can be expected, and done on an office-wide basis, the impact on the entire business can be striking.

8) Can a whole family or group of employees be seen on the same day?
If a block of time of adequate length is set aside and planned, any number of patients can be seen at once.

9) When is payment made?
A credit card payment is taken when the visit is arranged. A 48-hour cancellation policy is in effect. Appointments cancelled after this cut-off will receive a 50% refund for the first cancellation.

10) How long is a visit?
Visits typically last approximately 50 minutes. Longer visits may be necessary, but it is likely that insurance reimbursement will be based on a visit of 50 minutes in length, so for those who hope to get reimbursed, this is likely going to be the most appropriate.

For more information about Dr. Leder, her office practices, and her unique natural approach to medicine, please click here to go to our main website. To schedule an appointment for your housecall visit, please call us at 201 5525- 1155 or click here for additional contact information.


Top 7 reasons to take advantage of Holistic Housecalls MD program


1. It is the very easiest, most convenient way to enjoy a full hour session with North Jersey’s premier Integrative physician, Dr. Robin Ellen Leder

2. Comfort, privacy, and no down time in waiting room or in traffic

3. Have multiple people in the home or workplace who all need to be properly evaluated

4. Don’t drive

5. Too ill or too much pain or discomfort to get into a physician’s office

6. Need to be at home to monitor children, or a sick or elderly relative

7. Too busy to take time to visit an physician’s office.