Holistic Housecalls MD Program

Most procedure done in the office can readily be done privately, conveniently and quietly offsite. Taking a medical history, physical examination and specimen collection for testing, discussion of lifestyle habits, prescribing health programs, providing counseling on making better choices or stress management, or even administration of beneficial intravenous or intramuscular therapies, all core steps in creating better health and a balanced life, can very easily be done at the sit of your choice without leaving you home or office. Expert chiropractic services are also available, and in New York acupuncture.

Some of the many issues Dr. Leder explores with her patients include:

- general wellness maintenance
- individualized vitamin and mineral testing
- blood-type specific diets
- food sensitivities and allergy testing
- bio-identical hormone replacement/augmentation for men and women
- energy/focus optimization for men and women ( improved workout and workplace stamina)
- anti aging strategies
- heavy metal(mercury, lead, etc. toxicity
- colon health (probiotics. parasites, colitis, constipation,/diarrhea, reflux)
- cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and arterial blockage
- psychiatric and emotional issues
- stress, fatigue, and neurotransmitter adequacy
- body aches/pains, arthritis, and osteoporosis
- thyroid and adrenal function
- recurrent infections and immune enhancement
- diet and weight loss, using a variety of medically-supervised programs
- multiple sclerosis
- autism and ADD
- and much more

In situations where traditional medical thinking leaves much to be desired or just doesn't work, alternative medicine can often achieve great success in reducing or eliminating the use of medications and/or surgeries by using a deeper reaching and broad based alternative approach, both to testing and to treatment. And - while the doctor does work closely with medical specialists on acute issues with patients complaining of chronic conditions, chronic symptoms, stress, and simply not feeling their best, the integrative or functional medical approach can often far outperform the strictly pharmaceutical/surgical path.

We welcome your questions by phone or email and hope you'll consider thinking "out-of-the-box" and joining me with your families or colleagues on a different kind of medical journey: and innovative partnership to support and create your excellent health.

For more information about Dr. Leder, her office practices, and her unique natural approach to medicine, please click here to go to our main website. To schedule an appointment for your housecall visit, please call us at 201 525- 1155 or click here for additional contact information.

Top 7 reasons to take advantage of Holistic Housecalls MD program

1. It is the very easiest, most convenient way to enjoy a full hour session with North Jersey’s premier Integrative physician, Dr. Robin Ellen Leder

2. Comfort, privacy, and no down time in waiting room or in traffic

3. Have multiple people in the home or workplace who all need to be properly evaluated

4. Don’t drive

5. Too ill or too much pain or discomfort to get into a physician’s office

6. Need to be at home to monitor children, or a sick or elderly relative

7. Too busy to take time to visit an physician’s office.