About Dr. Robin Ellen Leder


Robin Ellen Leder, M.D.

Robin Ellen Leder, M.D. is a licensed physician practicing integrative medicine, a unique medical specialty area combining traditional and alternative medicine with the goal of using the least toxic and most proactive approaches to treatment. (Other names for this kind of medicine are holistic, complementary or alternative.) Together, in partnership with her patients, the doctor creates a realistic and customized program with an emphasis on sometimes difficult, often critical, and always rewarding lifestyle changes. Since 1991, the doctor has practiced at her Hackensack office. Now she is offering and additional way to take advantage of this kind of medicine by providing her services offsite. Whether at home or workplace, whether an individual, an entire family, a group of executives or employees, this is an ideal opportunity to evaluate and optimize health.

We welcome your questions by phone or email and hope you'll consider thinking "out-of-the-box" and joining me with your families or colleagues on a different kind of medical journey: and innovative partnership to support and create your excellent health.

Always treat yourself with the love and kindness that you deserve.

Dr. Robin Ellen Leder

For more information about Dr. Leder, her office practices, and her unique natural approach to medicine, please click here to go to our main website. To schedule an appointment for your housecall visit, please call us at 201 525- 1155 or click here for additional contact information.



Top 7 reasons to take advantage of Holistic Housecalls MD program


1. It is the very easiest, most convenient way to enjoy a full hour session with North Jersey’s premier Integrative physician, Dr. Robin Ellen Leder

2. Comfort, privacy, and no down time in waiting room or in traffic

3. Have multiple people in the home or workplace who all need to be properly evaluated

4. Don’t drive

5. Too ill or too much pain or discomfort to get into a physician’s office

6. Need to be at home to monitor children, or a sick or elderly relative

7. Too busy to take time to visit an physician’s office.